Our wrestling classes are taught by some of the most well accomplished freestyle wrestlers in the world. Both freestyle and greco-roman classes are held each week. Adding wrestling to your grappling or MMA skillset will not only improve your mastery of takedowns, throws and sprawling but prevent your opponent outclassing you in the stand up game.

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Wrestling is a combat sport, one of the first, that involves throws, takedowns, pins and depending on the style, like catch wrestling, also includes joint locks and chokes too. Wrestling is an important part of any mixed martial artist or grapplers skillset as it has an unrivalled mastery of controlling the opponent both standing up and on the ground but also creates the fittest and strongest fighters on the planet.

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For your first class show up in comfortable clothes such as a t-shirt and shorts


Yes. We offer wrestling for kids at Grappling Education. 

Yes, very much so.  Wrestling is unique in that it can be very aggressive without being violent.  The objective is not to destroy or harm one’s opponent, but to outmaneuver them and to gain control. Involvement in wrestling is a great way to build confidence and the ability to defend one’s self, without resorting to the violent tactics inherent in most other forms of self-defense

No not at all. In fact we encourage beginners to try wrestling. Our coaches are highly experienced and have worked with not only professional athletes but also beginners  

Wrestling is a fantastic way to get fit and keep active. In wrestling, a person works out their entire body all at once. … During a practice and in matches, wrestlers use all of the major muscle groups in the body – making wrestling is a great way to get physically fit

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Freestyle Wrestling

Freestyle wrestling is one of the two forms of wrestling to hold a spot in the Olympic Games. The match is structured into two 3-minute sessions where the contestants attempt to score technical points over one another. An immediate victory can be obtained by achieving a fall, also known as a pin—where one competitor holds the other’s shoulders immobilized against the mat, an injury withdrawal, or if one combatant is disqualified.

Points are awarded for major and minor throws, exposing your opponent to the danger position, reversals, and maintaining a high level of activity. Wrestlers are permitted to use their entire body, including their legs, in both offense and defense. The focus of freestyle is on explosive action and risk unlike collegiate wrestling where domination and control are at the forefront.

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Greco Roman Wrestling

Greco Roman wrestling is the second wrestling discipline featured in Olympic competition. The primary difference between Greco Roman and freestyle is that Greco Roman competitors are forbidden from using any hold below the waist. This forces a focus on throws four point scoring as trips are not permitted.

Again, the match consists of two sessions that are 3-minutes long; however, these sessions are broken up into periods of wrestling from the neutral position and wrestling with one disadvantaged party in the par terre position

Catch Wrestling

Catch wrestling is also called catch-as-catch-can wrestling, and its primary goal is the pin. As the full name suggests, all submissions are permitted. Practitioners are encouraged to catch any hold and use it to their advantage. Painful, brutal submission holds are used to either force the opponent into a pin position or submit them outright.

It was marketed in Brazil as the “jiu jitsu killer” during Vale Tudo days, but catch has suffered from a lack of popular attention outside of its influence on professional wrestling. Josh Barnett and Kazushi Sakuraba have both shown its efficacy on the elite level, and catch is uniquely poised for a massive resurgence in popularity as a martial art in its own right.

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