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Our white Belt mentoring Program

At Grappling Education, we are committed to building a world class, modern, training facility catering to the ongoing development of our students and our athletes. With the growth of our gym, the needs of our members have shifted to focus on the teaching and development of strategic, competitive and advanced technical training, with our average members having an intermediate to advanced level of knowledge prior to joining Grappling Education.

As a result of this fantastic growth, Grappling Education has made the tough decision to place a hold on new, White Belt, members until further notice in 2021.

This decision comes from the philosophy that the needs of our current members are our highest priority. With a focus heavily on No Gi, Leg Locks, and Competition Training, combined with limitations on class sizes due to COVID 19 restrictions, we want every single one of our members to get as much as possible out of training at grappling education. 

Hence we have created the White Belt mentoring program!  Every White Belt in our gym will have a personal Mentor to help them in there Jiu-Jitsu journey from White to Blue. Obviously this concept is resource heavy and hence we are only have space for 15 white belts at anyone time. See below how this program works!

Your Mentor:

All of our Beginner students will be assigned a Mentor who already has years of experience in the sport and would love to impart some of there knowledge on somebody new to the sport.  


Whilst we don’t currently offer any beginner classes there are plenty of opportunities to learn the fundamentals during drilling time in class and after class with your mentor. In our opinion you will actually learn more and progress faster with this personal tailored method. In a large mega gym new members are often forgotten about in the sea of beginners. We NEVER want this to happen to you!  

White To Blue in Intermediate Classes:

Your progression in Intermediate mediate classes with a mentor by your side will no doubt be much faster than in a traditional gym. We do have a high standard for our  belts at GE. So you can be rest assured that your belt will be well deserved.

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Our frequently asked questions

Will I get injured in one of Grappling Educations classes?

Whilst injuries in any sport are sometimes unavoidable, you can definitely reduce your chances by training with somebody who is experience and has a great awareness of there on body and also the impact that the can have on someone else. Over 90 percent of our members have been training for more than 2 years, with this experience we believe that you are much less likely to get hurt! 

What are the benefits of Grappling Educations Mentoring Program?

Our Mentoring Program is designed to make sure that beginners feel both safe and like they are part of our team. With a Mentor it will feel like every time you train you are getting a mini private lesson on top of the instruction in each class. A new sport can be daunting and we hope that our program can mitigate the nerves and make the process that little bit easier for someone just starting out!

Is your business Covid safe?

Yes! Your health and safety are our number ONE concern. We are taking every measure possible to make sure out facility is clean and safe. 

Can ANYONE APPLY TO BE ON OUR white belt waiting list

At Grappling Education we have members in our adult classes ranging in age from 13 to 70! You 100% do not have to be an “Athlete” to come and train with us! Anyone can Apply

Interested? REGISTER BELOW to be added to our waiting list