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This program is coordinated by our Head Coach Kel, the 2019 ADCC Oceania Trials Champion, who recently competed at the World Championships in Los Angeles, USA in September 2019. He is one of the most accomplished No-Gi Grapplers in Australia and applies his expertise and insight into delivering a modern, competitive approach to this increasingly popular facet of martial arts.

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No Gi ADCC Grappling Sydney

No Gi (Simply meaning without the big Gi jacket you often see BJJ practitioners wear) has been increasingly popular over the last 5 years in the competitive martial arts scene. This style of grappling focuses heavily on both wrestling and submission grappling, where your opponent is wearing just a Rashguard and Shorts (limiting the opportunity for gripping, quite different to Judo).

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The main difference between Gi and Nogi is obviously the clothing aspect. In Nogi you wear a rash guard and shorts/ tights. The movement is also a lot more explosive then in the Gi and unlike the Gi you cant grab your opponents clothing.

We encourage you to do both. We offer both classes as well as wrestling at Grappling Education so our members can be well rounded athletes in both categories 

This is no problem at all, in fact we encourage people of all ages to start today. Our coaches are highly skilled in delivering our program to people of all ages and levels. 

Yes. Although it is unrealistic to think injuries will never happen Jiujitsu is the safest martial Art. We also have rules to protect you as well as hygiene and Covid safe regulations 

Simply drop into our club and speak with reception or email us on

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No Gi ADCC Training

No gi grappling is very much a hybrid art where wrestling heavily influences the jiu jitsu base used for scoring. Many of the techniques learned in jiu jitsu are transferable, but many are not due to the inability of using any grips on any clothing. To learn no gi grappling, one must find a gym where this fluid melding of styles is truly understood. For no gi ADCC Kogarah, look no further! Our coaching staff provides world class instruction led by 2019 ADCC World Championship competitor Keller Locke-Sodhi himself. You can’t find a better facility for no gi ADCC Sydney.

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