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If you follow fighting sports at all, then you are already intimately familiar with mixed martial arts. There is such a passion to learn MMA that even a high percentage of traditional martial arts schools have incorporated MMA coaching into their curriculum. With such a saturated market, it’s even more important that you ensure the money and time that you invest in your MMA training comes with a guarantee of world-class instruction. Our instructors not only fit that bill, but they have the international fighting pedigree to back it up.

Keller Locke-Sodhi is a Brazilian jiu jitsu and judo black belt with significant success on the international level. Most recently, Keller won the ADCC Asia Oceana regional tournament in 2019; that is in addition to being a PanPac champion five times! Grappling Education is the premier location to build a threatening ground game for MMA Sydney.

MMA Sydney

Here at Grappling Education, our MMA classes also include sparring sessions so that you can perfect your performance against practitioners who are also receiving the same elite education that you are. Check out our timetable to see what we have to offer!

MMA at Grappling Education Kogarah

Coach Renato Subotic brings an equally impressive resume to those looking to learn MMA. Renato is a national team coach for the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation of Australia. He has coached athletes that are now competing in Bellator and the UFC. There is no better measure of a coach than the consistent success and improvement of their current and former students.

Experience the caliber of Renato’s coaching first hand in one of our many MMA striking classes each week. His knowledge of the full breadth of mixed martial arts will help you fully meld your ground game with an impressive array of striking techniques whether you are fighting from your feet, the clinch, against the cage, or in some traditional ground and pound.

MMA Coaching

It’s no secret that there are a number of schools that teach MMA in the Kogarah area, but there are none that provide the quality of coaching and the dedication to their students that we do at Grappling Education. You can use the free trial program to experience our curriculum first hand. We also offer several scholarship programs that you may qualify for in addition to our different membership options.

We truly are committed to our students, and our gym is the premier location for MMA Sydney. Stop by today!


What training gear do i need?

We recommend you purchase a Mouth Guard, shin pads, mma gloves and 16oz boxing gloves

I am a bit uneasy, do I have to spar?

No not at all. Although we do encourage you to try we only want and expect you to do things you feel comfortable with. Sparing is optional 

What will i learn?

You will learn a range of things from striking, take downs, cage wrestling and ground fighting. Our aim is to get you confident to blend these techniques all together 

what do I wear ?

Come in comfortable clothing. We recommend a rash guard, and compression tights and/ or shorts.  

what experiance is required

None at all. Our coach Renato Subotic has experience working with a diverse range of students from beginners and professional athletes 

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