MMA sparring sessions are scheduled into our timetable for the aspiring all rounder. Incorporate and then test out GE’s grappling game with your all rounder MMA skillset.

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    MMA Sydney

    Mixed Martial Arts has recently grown massively in popularity world wide with the rapid growth of UFC. GE’s grappling game adds a massive element to any MMA practitioner’s skillset teaching mastery of Judo, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Several MMA sparring times are scheduled each week for the all rounders of the gym that want to bang.

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    We recommend you purchase a Mouth Guard, shin pads, mma gloves and 16oz boxing gloves

    No not at all. Although we do encourage you to try we only want and expect you to do things you feel comfortable with. Sparing is optional 

    You will learn a range of things from striking, take downs, cage wrestling and ground fighting. Our aim is to get you confident to blend these techniques all together 

    Come in comfortable clothing. We recommend a rash guard, and compression tights and/ or shorts.  

    None at all. Our coach Renato Subotic has experience working with a diverse range of students from beginners and professional athletes 

    Our Testimonials

    MMA Training

    Mixed martial arts is arguably one of the fastest growing fighting sports in the entire world. UFC, Bellator, RIZIN, Fight Nights Global, Invicta Fight Championships, and many more promotions are all actively contributing to the rabid, worldwide interest in the sport. More people than ever are training, watching, eating, sleeping, and breathing MMA. MMA coaching is in high demand, and we are your ultimate destination for MMA Sydney.

    In your quest to learn MMA, you won’t find a better gym to breed a dominating ground game than here at Grappling Education. The diversity that our students gain from having access to world-class wrestling, judo, and Brazilian jiu jitsu instructors can’t be overstated. It’s the perfect complement to any striking discipline you may also be studying.

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    MMA Kogarah

    In the greater Sydney area, there are a number of high-quality striking schools whether you prefer boxing, Muay Thai, or kickboxing. There is only one smart choice to learn MMA grappling techniques, and that’s us! In addition to all of our grappling classes, we offer several MMA sparring sessions throughout our weekly schedule. Our grappling students who wish to work on their full, combined MMA training work together to perfect their skills.

    MMA Sydney

    We are the premier MMA grappling gym in the Sydney area, and you will never be able to truly compete in the field of mixed martial arts without a serious education in the ground fighting techniques that we offer. Even a champion boxer will never prevail if they are unable to stay on their feet, and the addition of our grappling provides a dangerous counterpoint to whatever striking that you bring to the table.

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    MMA Coaching

    Keller Locke-Sodhi, Brazilian jiu jitsu and judo black belt, and the rest of our staff will impart their years of study and mastery of their craft to perfect your ground game. Having the ability to leverage this elite coaching and combine it with live MMA sparring sessions is almost an unfair advantage.

    You can improve your all around game by trying out new grappling techniques in a safe environment where you are guaranteed to still be training with other serious ground fighters. Your striking gym may offer sparring where you can work on your ground game as well, but are you practicing takedowns and submissions against someone who really knows how to defend against them?

    In our sparring sessions, you are certain to be facing an opponent who is receiving the same premier grappling education that you are. As the old adage says, “To be the best you have to beat the best.” Experiment with your ground game on someone as highly trained as you are.

    You can view our timetable from the menu to see how much we offer in the way of MMA sparring as well as our other classes. Contact us today to begin your Grappling Education experience!

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