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We provide a platform for your child to get involved and excel in martial arts and competitive sport. Our programs are designed to help your child build confidence, improve focus, athleticism, discipline and heart in a fun and controlled environment. Enrol your child in our kids and teens bjj program and watch as they unlock their potential and succeed in sports and in life.

While team sports are extremely popular, many parents overlook children’s grappling. Kids grappling brings both the important concept of teamwork and camaraderie that traditional team based sports do as well as an emphasis on individual performance. In striving to better themselves, our students train and compete against one another, but their combined performance results in the entire team’s success at competitions.

What your child will learn in our kids BJJ program?



Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the most practical forms of martial arts in the world. It relies on employing leverage, timing and technique to overcome larger and stronger opponents. It is a grapple-centric art, drawing it’s origins from judo and other submission grappling arts, and is an ideal form of non-violent self-defence.


Our kids and teens bjj programs are designed to increase fitness and provide an athletic platform. Students will learn about their physical attributes, how to use their body, how to reach their active potential and how to lead an active lifestyle. They will have the opportunity to compete at local and high level tournaments with the support of a team.


As well as martial arts, competitive sports and kids grappling, Brazilian Jiu jitsu is a means to individual development and personal growth. Our students learn how to tackle challenges, how to persevere under pressure, how to perform at a high level, how to problem solve, how to work as an individual and work as part of a team.

Grappling Education’s Commitment to Excellence

We aim to raise the level Australian Brazilian jiu jitsu, wrestling, and mixed martial arts as a whole. We have compiled a staff of coaches who are dedicated to obtaining peak performance from our athletes of all ages. Reaching the youth of our society and exposing them to the sport that has shaped our own lives is the best way that we know of to ensure that the next generation of Australian athletes are even more successful on the world stage.

While those are lofty goals, we realize that people work the hardest at activities that they enjoy. Teaching our children to have fun with training and physical fitness in general shapes the way that they look at hard work, and it has been shown to pay dividends in so many seemingly unrelated areas. Stop by, call, or register online today and let us show you what we have to offer!

Save $100’s With Active Kids Vouchers!

Any child between the ages of 4.5-18 who is both a resident of NSW and enrolled in NSW schools or their equivalent is eligible for the Active Kids program. Active Kids provides two $100 vouchers to the parents or guardians of the child for use towards the cost of a sport or active recreation activity by a registered provider. These can be put to good use in our kids wrestling Kogarah classes.

There is no means test for the Active Kids program, so every child who qualifies is eligible for one voucher between January and December and a second between July and December. However, the child must either be included on a Medicare card or have their own. Conveniently located in Kogarah, we are in a prime location if you are looking for kids self defense Sydney or childrens wrestling Kogarah.


What do I need to bring to my child’s first bjj class?

Loose fitting clothes, a water bottle and boundless enthusiasm!

What are the benefits of Kids Brazilian jiu jitsu for my child?

Confidence, focus, athleticism, discipline, courage and heart are some of the finer points which are discussed with children through the kids bjj class.

Does my child need prior experience?

No! We take children of all levels of experience and fitness. Our kids and teens bjj programs are designed to teach them the basics and introduce them to the sport, and geared toward helping them excel toward becoming advanced practitioners or competitors.

Does my child need a uniform?

In the beginning your child does not need a uniform. They can wear old clothes or fitness clothes until you are ready to commit to purchasing a uniform.

How many classes should my child attend?

As many as you like or think your child can handle. The more they do the quicker they will improve.

Do you accept Active Kids Vouchers?

We certainly do! Speak to one of our lovely team to take advantage of this offer!

Is there parking onsite?

There is plenty of street parking in surrounding streets and directly in front on the Princes Highway (check street signs when parking).

Is your business covid safe?

Yes! You and your child’s health and safety are our number ONE concern. We are taking every measure possible to make sure our facility is clean and safe. 

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