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Childrens martial arts has been used to instill discipline, fitness, commitment, and focus for centuries. In today’s day and age, kids self defense is also a major consideration. Confidence in your childrens self defense capabilities helps to give parents peace of mind, but it will also do wonders for their own sense of self-assuredness. We offer programs for both kids grappling Kogarah and childrens wrestling Sydney.

While team sports are extremely popular, many parents overlook childrens grappling. Kids wrestling brings both the important concept of teamwork and camaraderie that traditional team based sports do as well as an emphasis on individual performance. In striving to better themselves, our students train and compete against one another, but their combined performance results in the entire team’s success at competitions.

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    Childrens Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kogarah

    At Grappling Education, we utilize the concepts of playing and games to make our childrens wrestling program fun for even our youngest students. Our kids Brazilian jiu jitsu classes include the wearing of the traditional gi as well as a special system of belt ranking. This breeds a sense of belonging among our class, and progression through the ranks helps to motivate our students as they see that their hard work is rewarded with a visible representation of their skills.

    Another benefit of enrolling your kids in our childrens Brazilian jiu jitsu program is that Grappling Education is an Active Kids Provider. That means that your Active Kids voucher can be used to pay for uniforms, classes, and more. Our kids grappling classes are aimed for the 4-12 age range, but we also have teens wrestling options for our older students as well.

    Save $100's With Active Kids Vouchers!

    Any child between the ages of 4.5-18 who is both a resident of NSW and enrolled in NSW schools or their equivalent is eligible for the Active Kids program. Active Kids provides two $100 vouchers to the parents or guardians of the child for use towards the cost of a sport or active recreation activity by a registered provider. These can be put to good use in our kids wrestling Kogarah classes.

    There is no means test for the Active Kids program, so every child who qualifies is eligible for one voucher between January and December and a second between July and December. However, the child must either be included on a Medicare card or have their own. Conveniently located in Kogarah, we are in a prime location if you are looking for kids self defense Sydney or childrens wrestling Kogarah.



    The main difference between Gi and Nogi is obviously the clothing aspect. In Nogi you wear a rash guard and shorts/ tights. The movement is also a lot more explosive then in the Gi and unlike the Gi you cant grab your opponents clothing.

    We encourage you to do both. We offer both classes as well as wrestling at Grappling Education so our members can be well rounded athletes in both categories 

    This is no problem at all, in fact we encourage people of all ages to start today. Our coaches are highly skilled in delivering our program to people of all ages and levels. 

    Yes. Although it is unrealistic to think injuries will never happen Jiujitsu is the safest martial Art. We also have rules to protect you as well as hygiene and Covid safe regulations 

    Simply drop into our club and speak with reception or email us on

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    Teens Martial Arts

    Teens Brazilian jiu jitsu follows the same rank structure as the children’s class; however it is more similar in nature to the adult class. At the age of 16, the adult ranking system applies, and our teens grappling students can continue their training into adulthood.

    Teens wrestling Sydney is extremely popular, and it is highly competitive in both high school and college. While scholastic wrestling is slightly different from the styles taught at Grappling Education, a background in the grappling arts will place your teen leaps and bounds above their competitors. Experience gained in leverage, discipline, balance, and control is all widely applicable, and there is no better place to start than our teens wrestling Kogarah program.

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    Teens Self Defense Sydney

    For the teenager that is not interested in competition, there are still many reasons to train in teens Brazilian jiu jitsu Sydney area. It is critical that all people have the ability to defend themselves, and that same theory applies to our children as well. The benefit to grappling is that it is an effective self defense system for use against an opponent of any size; the same principles are applicable for both teens self defense and childrens self defense Sydney. Let us show you why we are the premier location for teens self defense Kogarah.

    The emphasis placed on leverage and the use of your opponent’s momentum against them is especially pertinent when that opponent is larger and stronger than the defender. Secondly, grappling is non-violent; this makes it ideal for teaching our youth to protect themselves calmly and without anger clouding their judgement. Fewer mistakes are made when a trained person coolly reflects on the situation at hand as if it was more like a chess match than a physical confrontation.

    Not Just Fighting

    Any kids martial arts instructor will tell you that the benefits gained from training extend far beyond whatever style is being learned. Qualities such as perseverance, overcoming adversity, mental fortitude, and perception are all central tenets of our kids self defense Kogarah instruction, and they serve our students even better off the mat.

    We also have strength and conditioning classes that are designed to improve our athletes’ performance. This is doubly important for our youngest students. While even professional athletes struggle with motivation for conditioning at times, the aspects of games and play that we integrate into our kids martial arts classes teach them to associate the work that they do here at Grappling Education with fun. Translating that fun into the same feelings towards general physical fitness activities like strength and conditioning only increases their desire to participate.

    An early exposure to physical fitness also helps to make healthy activities a part of your child’s life. If exercise can become a habit, then children are more likely to continue to lead an active lifestyle. Furthermore, studies have shown positive effects on both school attendance and academic performance for children who are regularly physically active. Let us start the journey with kids martial arts Kogarah today!

    Childrens Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Sydney

    Kids Brazilian jiu jitsu Sydney is a competitive region. There are many schools to choose from, and that is before you consider other styles of childrens self defense Kogarah. At Grappling Education, we truly strive every day to provide the absolute best environment in order to inspire a lifelong love of kids grappling Sydney.

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    Why Choose Grappling Education for Childrens Martial Arts Kogarah?

    We’ve discussed the differences in programs, the benefits of training, and even the bonuses of beginning a lifetime of healthy physical activity. Now, let us tell you why Grappling Education is the best choice for childrens martial arts Sydney and teens grappling Kogarah.

    The success of our adult programs, led by Brazilian jiu jitsu and judo black belt Keller Locke-Sodhi, speaks for itself. Keller has excelled in international competitions in both disciplines, and placed Grappling Education on the map with his recent 2019 ADCC Asia and Oceania Trials win. By ensuring that your children are getting the best kids wrestling Sydney area, you are building a solid foundation for their eventual progression into teens martial arts Kogarah or even adult training.

    Free Childrens Grappling Kogarah Trial Class

    Our passion is our work, and we believe so strongly that Grappling Education is the right place for kids Brazilian jiu jitsu Kogarah that we even offer a free trial. Check out our timetable to find a childrens grappling Sydney location that works for you, and follow the link to register for your free trial class today.

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    Teens Grappling Sydney Scholarship Opportunity

    For our older teens martial arts Sydney students, we offer scholarship programs that not only cover the cost of unlimited tuition but actually pay you to train. Our no gi and MMA scholarships are currently for adults only, but we have an active scholarship program that includes teens Brazilian jiu jitsu Kogarah facility. These scholarships even provide strength and conditioning training on top of professional training with world class athletes and instructors.


    Grappling Education's Commitment to Excellence

    We aim to raise the level Australian Brazilian jiu jitsu, wrestling, and mixed martial arts as a whole. We have compiled a staff of coaches who are dedicated to obtaining peak performance from our athletes of all ages. Reaching the youth of our society and exposing them to the sport that has shaped our own lives is the best way that we know of to ensure that the next generation of Australian athletes are even more successful on the world stage.

    While those are lofty goals, we realize that people work the hardest at activities that they enjoy. Teaching our children to have fun with training and physical fitness in general shapes the way that they look at hard work, and it has been shown to pay dividends in so many seemingly unrelated areas. Stop by, call, or register online today and let us show you what we have to offer!

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