kids jiujitsu holiday camp

School is Out, Camp is in!!

Give yourself a break, and let the kids come to have fun with us these school holidays at our jiujitsu camp. Each camp consists of Jiujitsu classes, arts and crafts, movie time, yoga and more fun activities! 


JIujitsu camps confirmed closer to NSW school holidays


43 Princess highway Kogarah, Sydney NSW


9:45am to 3:00pm


4-12 years

Non-members and jiujitsu beginners welcome

One-day pass – $100 | 2-day pass – $160
Family discounts available

What To bring:


Please bring a packed lunch, snacks and a water bottle. Food will not be provided at the camp. Also, inform us of your child’s medical conditions and allergies.


Pack your jiujitsu Gi (uniform) NOGI outfit and belt if you have one, Comfortable sports clothes, A jumper/jacket/coat as it may be cold, Comfortable sports shoes, A hat, BYO sunscreen

What will your child do at our kid’s jiujitsu camp?


Our camp includes Gi jiujitsu (traditional kimono) and No-Gi (without kimono) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes and self-defence training.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the world’s most practical forms of martial arts. It relies on leverage, timing and technique to overcome larger and stronger opponents.

It is an excellent way for children to learn self-defence while learning a fun new sport. It also gets kids bullyproof and gives them confidence and new friends!


Our kid’s and teens’ jiujitsu programs are designed to increase fitness and provide an athletic platform. Students will learn about their physical attributes, how to use their bodies, how to reach their active potential and how to lead an active lifestyle. Sports activities will be held indoors and outdoors and will cover a range of skill-based learning.


Jiujitsu-appropriate yoga sessions complement our jiujitsu training. Your child will learn how to stretch, gain mobility, improve breathing techniques, improve training recovery and gain a better understanding of their bodies and teach themselves how to calm. Yoga and Jiujitsu have a great relationship and we think your child will love it to!


Where would a camp be without letting the kids be creative? At Grappling Education, we encourage kids’ creativity and what better way than by dedicating time in our centre to arts and crafts? Kids love painting jiujitsu and non-jiujitsu-related paintings or even making slime! 


What do I need to bring to my child’s first bjj class/ CAMP ?

Loose-fitting clothes, a water bottle and boundless enthusiasm! Your kids will fall in love with Jiujitsu.

What are the benefits of Kids Brazilian jiu jitsu for my child?

Confidence, focus, athleticism, discipline, courage and heart are some of the finer points which are discussed with children through the kid’s jiujitsu class.

is your jiujitsu business covid safe?

Yes! You and your child’s health and safety are our number ONE concern. We are taking every measure possible to make sure our facility is clean and safe. 


No! We take children of all levels of experience and fitness. Our kids and teens’ jiujitsu programs are designed to teach them the basics and introduce them to the sport and are geared toward helping them excel toward becoming advanced practitioners or competitors of jiujitsu.


In the beginning your child does not need a jiujitsu uniform. They can wear old clothes or fitness clothes.

how many jiujitsu classes should my child attend?

As many jiujitsu classes as you like or think your child can handle. The more they do the quicker they will improve in JIujitsu

Is there parking onsite?

We have limited parking at the back of the gym but plenty of street parking nearby! Including on regent street.

Do you accept Active Kids Vouchers?<br />

We certainly do! Speak to one of our lovely team to take advantage of this offer for your child’s jiujitsu classes.

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