Judo is utilised in our Gi grappling classes and is incorporated into lessons about both ground and stand up grappling. Kel, the head coach is an accomplished Judo black belt so Grappling Education is a great gym to add or enhance your Judo and takedown skillset.

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    Judo Sydney

    Judo is an ancient style that when tied into a strong Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ground game can make a formidable opponent. Adding Judo to your gi grappling skillset can not only help you master takedowns, grips and throws but also prevent your opponent unleashing them on you.

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    No not at all. In fact we encourage any one at any age to start Judo!

    Judo provides a great base for mixed martial arts. The person who controls the throwing space also controls the following ground exchange. Understanding this will help MMA fighters have more control between being on their feet and the ground 

    Gradings will be done more frequently for kids/youth. The greater the commitment to an adults judo practice, the higher the chances are of being reviewed 

    We will have a spare trail GI for you to borrow for your first class. But just incase turn up in comfortable clothes such as sports tights/ or shorts and a fitted t-shirt

    Like any sport it is unrealistic to say you will never get injured. But here at Grappling Education we teach the safest way possible as well as teaching our students proper falling techniques

    Our Testimonials

    Learn Judo: “The Gentle Way”

    Judo is a Japanese martial art that was developed from the fighting techniques of the Samurai known as jujutsu. Now it is an integral part of modern mixed martial arts, and judo is an Olympic sport in its own right. The word judo translates literally into “the gentle way,” and judo training focuses on redirecting your opponent’s momentum to achieve throws and submissions without relying on brute strength. This makes judo highly successful for self-defense as it allows a smaller, weaker individual to defend themselves against a much larger and stronger attacker.

    Whatever your reasons for learning this art may be, locating judo coaching of the highest caliber must be your priority. You may be tempted to open your search engine of choice, simply type in “judo near me” and pick the closest gym. While that may seem to be the fastest method, you are only doing yourself a disservice. In judo an emphasis is placed on live training called randori, and proper supervision and education are needed to prevent injury and train safely. Let our staff provide the safe environment so that you can focus on mastering your skills.

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    Judo Kogarah

    Located in Kogarah, we are conveniently placed for anyone looking to find judo in the Sydney area. Quality instruction and location are both crucial as frequency of training is equally important in developing the necessary sensitivity to momentum that is the hallmark of a judoka.

    Judo Training

    A judo match is broken down into two components, tachi-waza and ne-waza. Tachi-waza is where all matches begin, and it involves attempting to throw your opponent to the mat on their back with significant force while maintaining control. A technique that does this results in ippon and an immediate victory. Ne-waza involves ground-based grappling similar to Brazilian jiu jitsu where combatants attempt to win via submission. Ippon is also scored in ne-waza should one judoka pin the other on their back in excess of 20 seconds, or if either party taps out due to a submission hold.

    Waza-ari is a partial point, and it is awarded to a judoka who accomplishes a throw of significant force but fails to maintain control, a throw in which their opponent fails to land on their back, or a pin lasting longer than 10 seconds but less than 20. Multiple waza-ari may be awarded. Shido, a penalty point, is assessed for prolonged non-aggression or prohibited techniques. Collecting three shidos results in disqualification from the match.

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    Judo Sydney

    Our judo coaching staff will help take your game to the next level. Whether you are a Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner looking to take your stand-up game to the next level or you are looking to specialize in sport judo exclusively, we have the talent and the know-how to get you where you want to be. Contact us today to discuss our judo training options in the Sydney and Kogarah area.


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