At Grappling Education, we are committed to building a world class, modern, training facility catering to the ongoing development of our students and our athletes. With the growth of our gym, the needs of our members have shifted to focus on the teaching and development of strategic, competitive and advanced technical training, with our average members having an intermediate to advanced level of knowledge prior to joining Grappling Education.

As a result of this fantastic growth, Grappling Education has made the tough decision to place a hold on new, White Belt, members until 2020.

This decision comes from the philosophy that the needs of our current members are our highest priority. With a focus heavily on No Gi, Leg Locks, and Competition Training, combined with limitations on class sizes due to COVID 19 restrictions, we believe that it is in the best interest of our current members if we ensure that our class time is focused on developing their skills in these advanced technical areas.

As such, starting November 1st, Grappling Education will only be accepting new members who are Blue Belt and above, or are able to demonstrate experience in training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

This decision, not made lightly, we believe will ensure that our current members are receiving the training and attention they deserve, and will allow our gym to provide a high level, world class training facility to dedicated martial artists. 

This decision will NOT impact our Childrens and Teens classes, and they will continue to run as per the normal time table.

We appreciate your understanding and respect; Keller Locke-Sodhi