What Your Child Will Learn in our Kids Wrestling Program:


We teach wrestling in a fun, structured manner with a focus on utilising the concept of ‘play’ and games to ensure your child learns the key fundamentals, whilst having a blast doing it!



Considered the oldest sport in the world, Wrestling has been used as a fundamental aspect of children’s development throughout the world, in particular in theU.S and Europe. It is a challenging sport, that requires commitment and discipline to succeed in, and these are the traits we help develop in our students.


“No matter how good you were at wrestling, you will spend most of your life using the values that you learned in wrestling, not the technical skills,” says John O’Sullivan, Founder of Changing the Game Project and author of Changing The Game, the Parent’s Guide to Raising Happy, High-Performing Athletes and Giving Youth Sports Back to Our Kids.
In our Kids Wrestling Program, we teach our students the value of respect and commitment to help shape them into thoughtful, healthy, contributing members of society.


Did you know Grappling Education is a Active kids Provider?

This means you can use your Active Kids Voucher towards your child’s training Active Kids vouchers can be used to:

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Our frequEntly asked questions

What do I need to bring to my child's first class?

Loose fitting clothes, a water bottle and boundless enthusiasm!


What are the benefits of wrestling for my child?

Confidence, self-esteem, respect, discipline, courage are some of the finer points which are discussed with children through the class.

is your business covid safe?

Yes! You and your child’s health and safety are our number ONE concern. We are taking every measure possible to make sure out facility is clean and safe. 

For the Term 3 Special, do i get a refund if my child doesn't come?

Because the sign up fee is so low, we cannot refund you unless you can demonstrate exceptional circumstances that would affect your child’s ability to do wrestling.


In the beginning your child does not need a uniform. They can wear old clothes or fitness clothes.

how many classes should my child attend?

As many as you like or think your child can handle. The more they do the quicker they will improve.

Is there parking onsite?

We have limited parking at the back of the gym but plenty of street parking nearby!

Do you accept Active Kids Vouchers?

We certainly do! Speak to one of our lovely team to take advantage of this offer!