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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Positions

The Closed Guard

One of the most common BJJ positions that you’ll end up in when starting to learn BJJ is the closed guard. It’s a unique position that lets you attack from off your back. Nobody wants to end up in your closed guard. You’ve got your legs locked around your opponent and you have the advantageous position even though you’re underneath. It’s a very dangerous position for your opponent to be in and you’ll have the upper hand. Learn more about the closed guard in this video:

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Submissions

Armbar From Closed Guard

The most famous of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu submissions is the armbar. The armbar is a technique that puts a lot of pressure on the elbow, hyper-flexing the elbow and potentially causing damage to it if your opponent doesn’t tap. It’s an attack that can be utilised from the closed guard, among other positions. A common error that allows your opponent to escape is the need to open your guard to complete the attack. Kel shows how to control your opponent’s posture and keep your guard closed for the longest period of time possible making the attack that much more effective.

Triangle From Closed Guard

The triangle choke is another of the most common BJJ submissions. It results in rendering your opponent unconscious if your opponent doesn’t tap out. A common misconception is that your legs put pressure on both sides of the neck. Kel conceptualizes a better approach that results in the attack being more effective and a higher percentage submission. He opens again with posture control techniques, another way to make the submission work better and more often end the fight.

Cross Collar Choke From Closed Guard

The cross collar choke from closed guard just like the triangle choke attacks the neck. It’s a difficult submission to end a fight with because it’s quite easy to defend. Utilising effective grips on the lapel is key to executing a fight stopping cross collar choke. Kel shows a way to ensure the first grip as a setup to the choke results in the choke being far more effective.

Loop Choke From Closed Guard

A sneaky Brazilian Jiu Jitsu choke from the guard is the loop choke. A good loop choke, like most attacks from the guard, involves control of the posture. Here Kel demonstrates the sneaky attack in detail including another effective way to control your opponent’s posture.

Mir Lock From Closed Guard

The mir lock is a really strong lock that you can follow up with after a failed whizzer. When your opponent clears their arm from your whizzer you can drive your arm down to the elbow and then rotate while lifting their elbow. Kel shows some elements to be conscious of to execute this submission and make your opponent tap.

Cutting Arm Bar From Closed Guard

For a cutting arm bar to work, it’s super important to line up the arm on an angle that can be attacked, otherwise the arm just collapses and doesn’t hyper extend. Kel shows how to hook the elbow and roll the arm over and point it upwards to lock your opponent’s arm into place. He then shows how to create space by shifting your hips out and creating a gap to extend the arm and finish the cutting armbar from closed guard.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Sweeps

Sit Up Sweep From Closed Guard

Kel’s demonstrated many times above, that when he is attacking from the closed guard, it’s important to control your opponent’s posture. If your opponent stops your control of their posture and they’re able to sit up it presents an opportunity to execute the sit up sweep from closed guard. This results in you getting top position on your opponent and maintain control.

Flower Sweep From Closed Guard

A common sweep from underneath is the flower sweep. By first removing your opponent’s post, knocking them off balance and controlling their posture, you create an opportunity to execute the flower sweep and end up on top of your opponent and straight into mount; a very dominant position.

Scissor Sweep From Closed Guard

Similiar to the situp sweep is the scissor sweep. If you’re being stopped from sitting up as high due to your opponent controlling you, the scissor sweep is a great sweep to utilise. A common mistake is allowing your opponent to post when executing the scissor sweep. Kel shows how to counter this with your grips. Then setting up your hips to effectively scissor is going to end in a sweep with you on top and in an even better position to attack.


BJJ Sydney Classes

brazilian jiu jitsu sydney

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