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NO-GI scholarship trial dates: JAN 23/24 2021

Details and registration below



GET PAID TO TRAINNO-GI SCHOLARSHIP TRAINING CAMPJAN 23/24 202145 PRINCES HIGHWAY, KOGARAH Enrol in the Grappling Education Scholarship Training Camp for your chance to qualify for our grappling scholarship.  About the training camp:
– 2 x day intensive NOGI training camp
– Camp will include performance testing (strength/power/endurance)
– Technical evaluation
– NOGI sparring sessions
– Interviews and character evaluation
– Team/group activities

Registration cost:

– until 03/01/21: Free registration

– 04/01 to 11/01: $50

– 12/01 to 18/01: $100

– late registration (19/01 to 21/01): $150


What is included in the scholarship package:

– Unlimited training at Grappling Education
– Access to strength and conditioning programs with Fortitude Performance
– Monthly payment of $250
– Train with high-level athletes
– Take your career to the next level
– This is a NOGI scholarship and would suit an athlete looking to further their NOGI competition training & career. What’s involved:
– Athlete must qualify through the training camp selection process
– Chosen athlete must agree to train 10 x per month at Grappling Education
– Athlete does not have to leave their current gym/team. This is a paid position that is designed to benefit all parties involved. Desired outcomes:
– Provide real paid scholarships to support aspiring athletes
– Raise the level of Australian BJJ
– Continue to offer the highest level of training possible at Grappling Education by providing high level athletes with the means to train
– Help athletes take their career to the next level

  Who can apply:– Athletes from any gym/affiliation are welcome to apply
– Athlete does not have to leave their current gym/team. This is a paid position that is designed to benefit all parties involved.
– Male & female applicants welcome
– Must be an active competitor (can supply a competition resume)
– Must be a dedicated and aspiring athlete Earn a paid athletic scholarship with Grappling Education. Get paid to train and take your career to the next level.Register your place at the Grappling Education Athletic Scholarship Training Camp to try out for this position. All enquiries please email:

Register here:

(we will contact you to confirm your registration)



    The key traits we will be assessing our candidates on are:

    – Cardiovascular fitness
    – Strength and conditioning
    – Technical Ability (depending on the chosen program).
    – Mental fortitude and Discipline
    – Competitive spirit

    This will include interviews and non-physical assessments to ensure the right candidate progresses through and is offered this scholarship.

    Athletes will be selected during one of our gruelling training camps.


    Grappling Education was founded to provide the greater Sydney region with a professional, world class martial arts gym. A key part of the philosophy of our gym is to encourage and support up and coming competitors to achieve their potential through focused, structured and engaging training, guided by experts with international competition experience.

    Guided by this philosophy, Grappling Education has launched a series of Athlete Scholarships to help support prospective athletes in their training and competition goals. 


    Drawing heavily from his experience as part of the Australian Judo Team and the National Talent Identification Program (a preliminary program for the Olympic Games), Keller has designed a program that utilises his extensive knowledge base of the highest level of competition. Instead of a one off trial, these programs utilised a training camp (run across a number of days) where the prospective candidate would undergo a series of tests.


    Using this as a benchmark of standard, Grappling Education will adopt a similar approach to identify the ideal candidate for our Athletic Scholarship. 

    Grappling Education has 4 scholarships:


    Successful candidates will receive the following as part of their sponsorship:

    • A monthly stipend of $250 per month to help athlete cover competition, gear, general maintenance fees
    • No membership fees and complete access to the entire suite of classes at Grappling Education, plus membership to the Fortitude Grappling Athletic Program. 
    •  Free branded Grappling Education gear appropriate to their scholarship (Gi for Adults Gi, etc)

    To be clear our sponsored athletes are NOT required to compete for Grappling Education and do NOT have to leave there original team. Athletes only have to meet contractual requirements outlined below to receive the scholarship.

    *Our Teens Scholarship includes the above but with a monthly stipend of $50 instead of the aforementioned