Master The Armbar From Closed Guard – Episode 01

Another basic technique you’ve probably seen in MMA is the armbar, which is when one fighter uses the body to hyperextend the opponent’s elbow joint. The combination of the two, the transition from closed guard to armbar is also BJJ-101. These moves are part of the basics when you pursue training in grappling, and we’re going to discuss their significance and briefly, how to transition to an armbar from closed guard.


Classic Examples of a Closed Guard Armbar

The closed guard armbar has been used by some of the world’s best fighters.

Kazushi Sakuraba tried this combination on Kevin Randleman at 2003’s Pride Final Conflict. 

A prime example of this technique finishing the opponent is when Anthony Pettis submitted Ben Henderson, a BJJ world championship bronze medalist at UFC 164. 

Also, Frank Shamrock submitted Kevin Jackson from guard right as he got taken down. 

Roger Gracie disarmed Ron Waterman with armbar from guard in Japan. 

Royce Gracie submitted Kimo Leopoldo from the bottom at UFC 3, back in his prime.

Probably the most infamous use of this move is when Frank Mir literally disarmed Tim Sylvia from the guard, and he didn’t tap leading to a nasty bone break.