Grappling Education Sydney

Grappling Education

We run a high level grappling academy in Sydney’s Kogarah. Our instructors have seen success in competition at the highest levels of the sport, and continue to actively and successfully compete, train and mentor.

Our goal for Grappling Education is to provide and maintain the highest level of competitive training in Sydney, with our mats hosting many of the top athletes in the country.

We are genuinely interested in the growth of Australian grappling sports, and aim to continue to raise the level of our training and services at Grappling Education so that we can continue to offer our athletes, students and the community with the best possible training.

We offer a professional and welcoming training environment for everyone to learn, from those coming for their first class to the seasoned competitor.

We provide training, mentoring/coaching, scholarships and events that are geared toward the growth of our athletes and the wider community.

Our ideology is to provide a safe, professional space for people to learn martial arts taught by the greatest, most well accomplished, instructors Sydney has to offer.
Our BJJ classes cater for men and women, beginners through to advanced competitors, and the benefits are endless…​
Whether you are training for fitness, self-defence, sport, competition or just for fun – we have a class for you!

Grappling Education Class Format

Martial Arts Kogarah

For martial arts Sydney or Kogarah area, Grappling Education is the premier location. Head Coach Keller Locke-Sodhi is a Brazilian jiu jitsu and judo black belt, and he has competed internationally in both arenas. Keller also won the 2019 ADCC Asia & Oceania Trials in the 88kg division, so you can rest assured that he is an expert in Brazilian jiu jitsu, judo, and no gi grappling.

We also offer MMA striking classes led by Renato Subotic. Renato is a national coach of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation of Australia’s national team. World-class grappling and striking instruction are both within your reach when you train with us.

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Ground Fighting

Grappling and ground fighting are games of leverage, positioning, and strategy. Practitioners of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels benefit from training in grappling. It builds your endurance, strength, and helps to focus you on control of your own body. In addition to our classes, we also provide access to our Olympic weight lifting facility for some membership levels.

Train Grappling for Martial Arts

Brazilian jiu jitsu focuses on control of your opponent, positional dominance, and submissions. Practitioners train and compete wearing a tradition gi, and holds, chokes, and submissions utilizing the gi and grips on the gi are all allowed.

Judo similarly involves the wearing of the gi; however, the focus is on throwing your opponent to the mat with significant force upon their back. Submissions and pins are also allowed.

No gi grappling is similar in style to Brazilian jiu jitsu, but no gripping of the clothing is allowed for any reason. Competitors train while typically wearing rash guards and shorts.

As you can see, these disciplines all have different applications and areas of strength. By training at the high level of instruction offered in our school, you form a well-rounded ground game that is second to none.

Self Defense

Training in grappling for self defense is an extremely effective strategy for several reasons. Each discipline focuses on related but distinctly different areas; however, all fields of study place an emphasis on control and leverage.

In a situation where you may need to defend yourself, harnessing your opponent’s weight and momentum and using it against them is game changing. The ability to remain calm and treat an encounter more like a chess match than a fight will also allow you to defend yourself successfully against someone who does not possess similar discipline.

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Learn Martial Arts

Our entire staff at Grappling Education is committed to helping you learn martial arts to the best of your ability. Whatever your reason to train grappling for martial arts may be, we strive to provide an atmosphere that everyone can flourish. Whether you’re a professional MMA fighter, looking to improve your overall fitness, or training for self defense, we have exactly the facility and coaching staff that you want.