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About Grappling Education

We run a high-level jiujitsu academy in Sydney’s Kogarah. Our instructors have seen success in competition at the highest levels of the sport, and continue to actively and successfully compete train and teach jiujitsu.

Our jiujitsu classes cater to men and women, beginners through to advanced competitors, and the benefits are endless…​
Whether you are training jiujitsu for fitness, self-defence, sport, competition, or just for fun – we have a jiujitsu class for you!

We offer a professional and welcoming training environment for everyone to learn jiujitsu, from those coming for their first class to the seasoned competitor.

We have created a space for people to learn grappling taught by the greatest, most well-accomplished jiujitsu, instructors Sydney has to offer.

Grappling Education Class Format

"Warm ups"



Specific training

Rolling / Sparring

WIll i learn SELF-DEFENSE?

Yes. Martial arts such as Jiujitsu and wrestling are great ways to learn self-defence. You will learn various techniques that will give you the confidence to defend yourself if the unfortunate event that someone should put you in a threatening situation.

Learn Martial Arts

Our entire staff at Grappling Education is committed to helping you learn martial arts to the best of your ability. Whatever your reason to train jiujitsu for martial arts may be, we strive to provide an atmosphere where everyone can flourish. Whether you’re a professional MMA fighter, looking to improve your overall fitness or training for self-defence, we have exactly the facility and coaching staff that you want.

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